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Are There Any Tips To Keep My Teeth White?

After your in-chair whitening, it is important to avoid staining products for at least a couple of days so that the whitening doesn’t go back to the way it was before because your enamel pores are very open and they’re very vulnerable at this stage. So drinking lots of water will help, avoiding black tea, coffee, which is usually quite hard for some people, but there are tips like you can drink through a straw. The other things like blueberries, curries, that sort of thing, to avoid in the next couple of days. Yeah, drinking water is probably one of the best ways to help prevent the stains.


If there is any sensitivity just after the treatment, that should go away within the first day and you can take Panadol if it is really severe, but generally, I haven’t had any patients that have needed that at all. So some people can use a sensitive toothpaste leading up to the whitening treatment, usually a few weeks beforehand if you start that and then have your teeth whitening done.


The other product that you can use is Tooth Mousse that helps strengthen the enamel pores and that is known to reduce sensitivity as well.