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Wisdom Teeth Removal croydon

Wisdom teeth are a mystery to many, and it’s often a question of whether or not they are necessary to be removed. The removal of wisdom teeth depends on various factors, and your dentist in Croydon will be able to advise you on whether or not your wisdom tooth needs to be removed, and perform wisdom teeth extractions in Croydon in a warm, caring and experienced environment.

Wisdom Teeth Do Not Always Need to Be Removed

Wisdom teeth, which are the third molars in the very back of your mouth, you may not need to have them removed, if they are:

  •  Healthy
  • Grown in completely (fully erupted)
  • Positioned currently and biting properly with their opposing teeth
  • Able to be cleaned as part of daily hygiene practices

Many times, however, wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to grow, and can cause problems. Erupting wisdom teeth can grow at various angles in the jaw. Sometimes even horizontally.

Problems with wisdom teeth can include wisdom teeth that:

  • Remain completely hidden within the gums. If they aren’t able to emerge normally, wisdom teeth become trapped (impacted) within your jaw. Sometimes this can result in infection, or cause a cyst which can damage other teeth roots, or bone support.
  • Emerge partially through the gums. Due to this area being hard to clean, wisdom teeth that partially emerge can create a passageway that can cause gum disease and oral infection.
  • Crowd nearby teeth. If wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to grow through properly, they may crowd or damage nearby teeth.

When wisdom tooth extraction/removal may be necessary

Wisdom teeth removal may be necessary if your wisdom teeth are causing any changes in the area of those teeth, including:

  • Pain
  • Repeated infection of soft tissue behind the lower last tooth
  • Fluid-filled sacs (cysts)
  • Tumours
  • Damage to nearby teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Extensive tooth decay

The decision to remove wisdom teeth isn’t always clear. Talk to your dentist in Croydon about your wisdom teeth, and what’s best for your situation.

Why The Fine Tooth Company

The Fine Tooth Company currently offers patients the option to use Afterpay Dental Payment Plans for dental treatments, including emergency wisdom tooth removal in Croydon. This allows patients to ease the wisdom tooth extraction cost in Croydon by having the option to pay the price back in instalments, with zero interest.

The Fine Tooth Company was founded by an experienced and dedicated team of dentists in Croydon with a vision to provide excellent patient care, and to create happy smiles for you and your family for generations to come. With over 30 years of experience, we are dentists that you can count on.

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