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How veneers can enhance your smile this summer

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So, Christmas has been and gone and even the New Year’s celebrations are fading. Perhaps you’re currently reviewing your happy snaps from the silly season, only to find you’re not so happy with them. What went wrong? What is it that has you recoiling from the photos? Whilst anyone can cringe at a few beer-happy […]

How to manage a broken, chipped or loose tooth.

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Unfortunately, accidents happen and they can sometimes lead to dental emergencies that require immediate treatment. At The Fine Tooth Company, we know that dental emergencies can be scary, and that’s why we strive to provide a safe, comfortable, and reassuring experience. What is a dental emergency? At Fine Tooth, we see a lot of dental […]

What is Better for Your Missing Tooth? Bridges vs Implants

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If you’re missing a tooth, you have multiple treatment options. Both dental implants and dental bridges can act as tooth replacements, however they are very different procedures. Let’s break it down so you can better understand your treatment options. What is a Dental Bridge? A dental bridge procedure is performed as a restorative treatment for […]

What are the different types of crown bridges?

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The types of crowns and scenarios in which you might use these crowns, There are a few different types of crowns that you can use depending on the position of the tooth and where it is in the mouth. Metal or gold crowns have been shown to be more durable. They require little tooth structure […]

What’s Involved In Getting A Crown?

What’s involved in getting a crown? Basically, it’s a two-visit procedure. The first visit goes for about 90 minutes. We have to make sure the structure is solid. We trim the tooth and reduce it a little bit, take impressions and we send it to the lab. They ask for usually about two weeks for […]