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Cost of Root Canal Therapy || How Expensive Is Root Canal Treatment?

– Now, you might ask the cost of root canal therapy. Teeth can have one, two, or three roots. And they can have one, two, three, even four root canals. The teeth closer to the front of your mouth, single-rooted teeth with one canal, and you’re probably looking somewhere in the vicinity of $800 to […]

Restoring Tooth After Root Canal Treatment

– Teeth can become a little bit more brittle once they’ve been root canalled. So, it is important that you are doing something to help strengthen the tooth. The other question you could ask is, if you are having root canal therapy done on your tooth, is how do you then restore the tooth at […]

Is Root Canal Safe Procedure?

– I get asked, is root canal a safe procedure? Realistically, it is, once you sort of identify root canals and you get in and you clean them out, then you can seal them up, but there’s no real huge risk involved. Probably the big effect is whether you can’t locate the canals properly, or […]

Root Canal Treatment vs Tooth Extraction

– Root canal, you can save the tooth and you can keep the tooth there and know it’s got a realistic chance of long-term survival. So talking about removing teeth, or doing RCT. There are a few factors involved in that, it might depend on where the tooth is and how important you feel it […]

What Are The Alternative Options to Root Canal Treatment?

– So, realistically, the only real alternative to a tooth that requires root canal treatment is the removal of the tooth. So alternatives to root canal treatment, basically, when you’ve had a nerve in a tooth that has died, and you have the infection under the tooth, to treat the tooth, it needs a root […]

Root Canal Treatment Step By Step

– Root canals ideally would always be at least two visits, sometimes three visits. What’s involved step-by-step with root canal procedures? Basically, it’s a treatment that’s required if you’ve had a tooth that’s died. Teeth can die for many reasons, either through trauma, previous dental work, sometimes decay it’s quite deep, and so as the […]