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Does teeth whitening damage your teeth?

Dentist Teeth Whitening in Croydon

Teeth whitening products are everywhere; from supermarkets to online teeth whitening “hacks”, there’s no doubt that teeth whitening has grown in popularity. But, you may be asking, is teeth whitening safe? There are generally three categories of teeth whitening methods, those that are: 1. Administered by your dentist. 2. Dispensed by your dentist to use […]

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Safe for Teeth Whitening?

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At first, it can be alarming to see teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide – the same bleaching agent used for disinfecting hospitals and dying hair – in the same sentence. People who have been down the rabbit hole of teeth whitening procedures, however, won’t bat an eyelid at the thought of using hydrogen peroxide to […]

Is There Any Alternative Procedure Available?

If you’re not suitable for teeth whitening, you can change your smile by either doing composite veneers, which are like filling material over the front of your teeth or you can have porcelain or even if your tooth is already fairly broken down, you can do the crown over the teeth as well.   We […]

Are There Any Tips To Keep My Teeth White?

After your in-chair whitening, it is important to avoid staining products for at least a couple of days so that the whitening doesn’t go back to the way it was before because your enamel pores are very open and they’re very vulnerable at this stage. So drinking lots of water will help, avoiding black tea, […]

How Effective Are The Whitening Toothpastes For Teeth Whitening?

Whitening toothpastes, they do contain a very, very low percentage of the chemical that helps whiten your teeth so some of them can work but it would be a very, very gradual process and you might not get the shades desired.It does promise sometimes about five, 10 shades brighter but it’s hard to prove that. […]

How Long Does the Procedure Last?

The in chair whitening product it gives you an instant white smile, however diet such as smoking, staining products like soy sauce, curries, they can all reduce the whitening effect.   So as long as you limit those intake of staining products the whitening procedure should last a long time, you could always use the […]

Is it true that teeth whitening is painful?

 Whitening is sometimes associated with pain, but it doesn’t really cause pain, some people have naturally sensitive teeth that you might feel a little bit of a zapping here and there, but that’s for people with really, really sensitive teeth.   We do have things that we use to minimize the pain. For example, […]

Does Teeth whitening do any damage to the Tooth?

Teeth whitening doesn’t do permanent damage to your teeth. What it does is it opens the pores of the teeth and takes out the stains. So it’s not actually abrading away at the outer layer of the tooth, at all. So it is quite a safe procedure for you.   Compared to some of the […]

What are the risks of teeth whitening?

Some of the risks with tooth whitening in chair or take-home kit is gum irritation. We use a protective barrier along the gums to protect the gums from the gel leaking onto the gums. However, if there is a small amount that does leech onto the gums, it will turn white for about an hour, […]

How does teeth whitening works?

Teeth whitening works in a way that the gel product opens up the enamel cores. It allows the gel to penetrate and so it removes the stains away from the tooth so your teeth becomes brighter and whiter.   So it’s not an abrasive technique, it’s a more gentle procedure so it doesn’t affect the […]