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– Now, you might ask the cost of root canal therapy. Teeth can have one, two, or three roots. And they can have one, two, three, even four root canals. The teeth closer to the front of your mouth, single-rooted teeth with one canal, and you’re probably looking somewhere in the vicinity of $800 to $1000 to do a root canal on these teeth.

When you move back to your back teeth, these teeth tend to have three root canals, sometimes four root canals, and the cost of the root canal therapy than can be somewhere between $1500 to 2000 dollars $2000 to do it. And when you’re assessing the cost, there’s then a matter of trying to work out, too, how you want to restore the tooth when you’re finished. Now, if you’re not doing an extensive restoration, that pretty much is covered in that cost.

But then, obviously, if you’re going to do something like a crown, well then it’s the cost of a crown on top of the root canal. And that’s a factor, and depending on how you feel the prognosis is, if it’s going to become a lot more expensive, well then, there are always options of implant-supported crowns.

The root canal’s good, help teeth stay in your mouth, and it’s good to keep them there. But then sometimes you have to assess the value of it compared to the costs, and then, I suppose, the value in keeping the tooth.