Sinus Lift Surgery

Sinus Lift Surgery

A sinus lift surgery may at times be required before a dental implant procedure can be done. This type of surgery is generally required when a person has insufficient bone in the upper jaw to support dental implants. Sinus lift surgery (or maxillary sinus floor augmentation) is similar to dental bone grafting but a procedure that is specifically done to graft bone to the upper jaw near the position of the molars and premolars. During the surgical procedure the maxillary sinus membrane which are the closest to teeth is lifted up to make space for additional bone which is required for dental implant treatment to proceed.

A sinus lift surgery may be required if your jaw bone has deteriorated as a result of:

  • Trauma to the jaw bone
  • Removal of a tumor from the area
  • Bone loss or receding bone due to gum disease and tooth loss
  • Natural form of the bone (eg: bone being too thin, or having a large sinus cavity)

If you are told that you require a sinus lift surgery before your dental implant treatment there is no need to be worried about the procedure as it is very common. At The Fine Tooth Company we ensure our surgical treatments are provided in a comfortable environment using the latest technology.

Our in-house oral and maxillofacial surgeon has done several sinus lift surgeries and will provide treatments under local (or general?) anesthetic. Contact our friendly team today to find out more about Sinus Lift Surgery or to book in an appointment with our oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

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