Tongue & Lip Tie Snipping

Tongue & Lip Tie Snipping

Tongue Tie and Lip Tie are conditions that usually exist from the time of birth and affect the mobility of the tongue and lip. The tongue & lip tie is caused by an exceedingly short or thick frenulum. The frenulum is a type of oral tissue that connects the tongue to the lower jaw or the lips to the gum tissue. This kind of abnormality in the frenulum can result in restricted motion of the tongue and lip leading to a variety of health issues like problems with speech and feeding habits in infants and well as crooked teeth, snoring and sleep apnoea in adults. Tongue and lip tie also contributes to overall poor oral hygiene.

Tongue and Lip Tie Snipping or Tongue and Lip Tie Release as its otherwise known involves a surgical procedure to cut the frenulum tissue, the procedure is called a frenectomy. With infants if there are problems with feeding as a result of this condition then a frenectomy may be considered, however if the child is feeding properly then parents can consider waiting to see if the frenulum stretches on its own.

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