Intraoral Bite-wing Radiographs

Intraoral Bite-wing Radiographs (Dental X-Rays)

Intraoral Bite-wing Radiographs: Dental X-Rays play an important role in providing quality dental treatments. X-Rays give dentists insight into the structure of teeth as well as showing them the layout of teeth within the jaw, this facilitates our dentists in providing the best possible care.

At The Fine Tooth Company we offer a dental x-ray known as the intraoral bite-wing radiograph. Intraoral x-rays provide a high level of detail and allow our dentists to:

  • Identify cavities
  • Analyse the tooth’s root
  • Check the health of bone area around teeth
  • Monitor the status of developing or impacted teeth
  • Determine the structure of the jaw and layout of teeth

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