Sleep Apnoea CPAP Treatment (CPAP)

At The Fine Tooth Company we understand that snoring and sleep apnoea can significantly affect the quality of sleep for both the person snoring and their partner. Continuous Positive Airflow Pressure or CPAP as its known is a type of treatment provided for people with severe obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

At the fine tooth company we offer the CPAP machine and sleep therapy as a treatment for sleep apnoea. The therapeutic oral device helps maintain a continuous positive flow of air pressure to the throat, this helps your airwars stay open during sleep. The CPAP machine is effective in treating snoring and disruption of breathing during sleep.

Using the CPAP machine sleep therapy to treat sleep apnoea can improve your quality of life. Speak to the friendly team at The Fine Tooth Company so you can get the health benefits and improved energy of a good night’s rest. Call now on 1300 My Dentist today!

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