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Teeth whitening doesn’t do permanent damage to your teeth. What it does is it opens the pores of the teeth and takes out the stains. So it’s not actually abrading away at the outer layer of the tooth, at all. So it is quite a safe procedure for you.


Compared to some of the latest trends that are on social media, such as charcoal toothpaste, or charcoal whitening, that can be a little bit abrasive on your teeth. It can wear away at that outer layer. And that can cause a bit of sensitivity. No, because actually all the whitening gel has done has opened the outer layer of your tooth, the enamel. It’s only opening the pores and it’s only drawn out the stains.


So the pores are probably opened up even more temporarily at this stage, so that’s why you might feel a bit more sensitive just at the beginning, but generally, once you’re having a bit more water and things like that, your pores will close over and then the sensitivity will go away pretty quickly.