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Is hydrogen peroxide safe for teeth whiteing
At first, it can be alarming to see teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide – the same bleaching agent used for disinfecting hospitals and dying hair – in the same sentence. People who have been down the rabbit hole of teeth whitening procedures, however, won’t bat an eyelid at the thought of using hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth.

So, is hydrogen peroxide bad for teeth or is this strong, commonly used chemical safe for our smiles? Here’s what you need to know.

First of all – does hydrogen peroxide whiten teeth actually?

The answer is yes but there are precautions you need for it to work well without causing harm. DO NOT take this answer as permission to put straight hydrogen peroxide on teeth right away whether they are yours or someone else’s as it can be dangerous or even fatal.

When did people start bleaching teeth with hydrogen peroxide?

It’s hardly surprising that hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening is not a new concept, people have been whitening teeth for thousands of years, the earliest techniques can be traced back as far as Ancient Egypt! On record, dental professionals have been using peroxide to prevent and treat tooth and gum conditions and brighten the appearance of teeth since the late 1800s.

Teeth whitening products like DIY-home kits or whitening strips became commercially available around the 1980s and have remained popular ever since. The only downside to this increase in accessibility is that not all products are made equal especially when it comes to risk.

The safety concerns and risks

Peroxide is a bleaching agent, so it is vital that it is diluted properly and used in small amounts before it is applied to your teeth (or any part of your body). It is not safe to consume, large quantities or a high concentration can be fatal.

If you accidentally ingest peroxide or experience any pain or burning when using the product you should seek medical attention immediately.

How to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide safely

The only way to guarantee safety when using peroxide to whiten teeth is to do so in close consultation with a dental professional. So make sure you book an appointment with your dentist before using any hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening product – especially if it was bought online or from anywhere other than your dentist.

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