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If you’re not suitable for teeth whitening, you can change your smile by either doing composite veneers, which are like filling material over the front of your teeth or you can have porcelain or even if your tooth is already fairly broken down, you can do the crown over the teeth as well.


We can help you to, guide you at choosing the right shade. We can work together to pick the right shade for you and the shape of your teeth as well to make sure it’s suitable for your smile as well.


– There’s also less sensitivity so you can wear if you’re afraid of our teeth anywhere it’s sensitive then this might be a good option. So the difference between composite veneers and porcelain veneers, is a composite filling materials that we use on a daily basis.


– You don’t necessarily have to do like all of the teeth enforcement. You can, you know maybe you’ll only need one or two teeth improving but if you talk to one of us we can come to this, you know…