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sports mouthguards croydon

Mouthguards in Croydon

Protect your teeth during sporting activities with mouthguards.

Taking care of your teeth and jaw is important, at The Fine Tooth Company we offer custom mouthguards which help to protect you from sports injuries.

Mouthguards are a great way to help protect teeth during sporting activities like football or hockey by absorbing the shock from an impact on the face, which would otherwise cause damage to teeth or the jaw.

Sports injuries to the face can at times cause a cracked or chipped tooth, damage to the gums around teeth, a loss of tooth and even damage to the jaw. Such injuries may require more complex dental treatments which are costly and time-consuming. If you are involved in contact sport we advise using a custom mouthguard to help protect your teeth.

Unlike with traditional ‘bite guards’ which can be bulky and uncomfortable to wear, the custom mouthguards at our practice provide a more comfortable fit as well as improved protection.

Custom mouthguards have several benefits over off the shelf ones bought at pharmacies, primarily because they are better fitting to your teeth, are more comfortable and create less risk for injuries.

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