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Dental Bone Grafting in Croydon

Dental Bone Grafting rebuilds bone tissue that may have degenerated.

Dental bone grafting is an oral surgical procedure used to coerce a patient’s body into rebuilding bone tissue that may have degenerated – it is usually done prior to treatments such as dental implants.

After the loss of one or more teeth the jawbone where the missing teeth are starts to wear away and deteriorate this would make it unsuitable for dental implants. As a result of this degeneration, a dental bone graft may be required prior to dental implant surgery in order to ensure the bone area is ready for the implant.

At The Fine Tooth Company, we have an in-house maxillofacial surgeon who is an expert at performing the dental bone grafting procedure. Our dentists and maxillofacial surgeon will assess your teeth and determine the best treatment option for you. Once the surgery is complete our surgeons will provide you with an aftercare strategy and advice for speedy recovery.