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gum recession treatment croydon

Gum Recession Treatment in Croydon

Sleep dentistry can be arranged for anxious patients for Gum Recession Treatment.

Gum rejuvenation treatment is required as a result of severe gum recession. Gum recession is the loss of tissue along the gum line where teeth join the gums. Gum recession can have a variety of causes including periodontitis (gum disease), natural aging or certain habits when brushing teeth.

At The Fine Tooth Company we offer Gum Rejuvenation Treatments using a gum graft. Donor tissue or soft tissue grafts from elsewhere in the mouth will be obtained and used to rebuild the deteriorated gum line. This soft tissue graft will be stitched into place with the existing gum tissue and would fuse together when it heals, resulting in an improved gum line.

Our oral and maxillofacial surgeon has performed countless gum rejuvenation and gum grafting treatments. All our surgical treatments are provided in a comfortable environment by highly trained professionals. Call our friendly team today on (03) 9723 1100 to find out more about our Gum Rejuvenation Treatments.

At The Fine Tooth Company, sleep dentistry options can be arranged for patients who are anxious about certain treatments. To find out more about our sleep dentistry options for anxious patients, speak to our friendly team today!