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Root Canal Treatment in Croydon

Our experienced team safely performs Root Canal Treatment under anesthetic.

Root canal treatments or root canal therapy is a dental procedure designed to save and restore teeth. If the pulp and the nerve within a tooth are damaged from infection and decay, it does not mean you will lose the tooth, root canal treatment can save it. Root canal treatment involves the removal of injured and dead nerves from inside the tooth pulp, once removed these root canals are cleaned up and sealed to prevent any further infection.

At The Fine Tooth Company, our root canal treatments are provided in a comfortable environment using local anaesthetic to minimise pain. Our expert team of dentists will first assess the current state of your tooth to determine if root canal treatment will help. If a root canal treatment is required your tooth will be x-rayed and the area numbed using local anaesthetic after which our dentists will proceed with treatment. During treatment you will be required to wear a type of shield which will protect the rest of the mouth from the disinfectant used to clean the damaged tooth. Once this procedure is complete, our dentists will remove evident tooth decay and use a temporary filling to cover any cavities. The temporary filling can be replaced at a later stage with a more permanent filling or other restorative dental treatment such as a dental crown or onlay.