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croydon dental crowns

The types of crowns and scenarios in which you might use these crowns, There are a few different types of crowns that you can use depending on the position of the tooth and where it is in the mouth. Metal or gold crowns have been shown to be more durable. They require little tooth structure to be removed, and so they’re mostly in the back teeth. so they’re not aesthetically compromised.

However, there is also a different type of crown that we now can do. It’s got a metal base so you have little tooth structure that you actually removed because the metal doesn’t require much tooth structure to be removed, and then you’d get porcelain on top of it, and then it sits like that.

There’s another type of crown. These are more for front or anterior teeth. It’s porcelain. It’s like a porcelain jacket or a zirconia crown. It doesn’t have any metal so the metal doesn’t shine through. It lets the light through pretty well, and so it gets the nice translucent look that natural teeth have. And that’s what it looks like.