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So there are a couple of options for teeth whitening, ones the take home option, it’s a more gradual process. You take the trays home, you put the gel in and you do it about two weeks at a time.

The in chair whitening option is instant, you go with a straight away white smile. It is a higher concentration of the gel product, that’s why we need to do it in chair to regulate it. Pros wise, the take home option is good for people with really sensitive teeth cause they can regulate how much they can use, but the cons are basically it is a more gradual process, you don’t go away with an instant smile.

With the In chair option, the pros are obviously you get the brighter smile instantly and the cons are that it does fade away slightly but you can always maintain it with the take home option as well. So you can do a combination of both, once you do the in chair part we do make the trays for you so you can take home as well and maintain that. So the combination of both gives you the chance to have a longer lasting result of the whitening.