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Who is suitable for teeth whitening?

Not all patients are suitable for teeth whitening. Your oral hygiene has to be really really good. Your gums have to be in a stable condition. Otherwise, it just won’t work. It’d irritate the gums further. Also, having your holes or anything like that, that has to be fixed prior to any sort of anesthetic procedure at whitening.


– If you have some feelings on your front teeth or maybe a cramp on your front tooth or beneath, sometime it’s not suitable for you because it’s whitening your teeth but not the feelings of cramp itself so you can talk to one of us about whether any option to change the cramp or feelings to match the whitening. If your feelings are pretty small, that’s probably more suitable. It might be able to plan it.


– Also, if you’re pregnant, you might want to leave the procedure till after ’cause it hasn’t been proven whether it has any effects on the pregnancy.