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How do I know Dental Implants in Croydon is Best for Me?

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If you are exploring your missing tooth replacement options, then you’ve probably heard of dental implants. These popular restorative dental treatments are known as the option that looks and feels most like natural teeth. If you’re wondering whether or not dental implants treatment is the most ideal for your situation, here are a few important things you should consider. 

Dental Implants in Croydon 

Are you eligible for dental implants in Croydon?

While most patients with missing teeth are good candidates, not everyone can. To confirm if you are eligible, a dental implant consultation and health evaluation with an experienced dentist is necessary. 

Some signs that strongly suggest you may be a good candidate for the surgery include:

  • The obvious – you are missing at least one tooth 
  • You are in good health: oral health and physical health
  • You are not at high risk of gum disease 
  • No health conditions that affect bone growth and healing

Different Types of Dental Implants in Croydon

Looking into implants you will come across all kinds of phrases like ‘implant-supported dentures’ and ‘all on 4 dental implants in Croydon

To help you gauge your interest in dental implants, here’s a quick look at some of the different types of dental implants in Croydon at The Fine Tooth Company.

Single Dental Implants

Single tooth dental implants replace a missing tooth or one that needs to be removed. It is often better to place the implant at the same time the tooth is removed.

A temporary tooth can be provided when necessary. After approximately three months, when the bone has integrated with the implant, the abutment and ceramic crown can be provided.

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Multiple Tooth Implants

You may not always require an implant for each missing tooth. If you have three missing teeth in a row, we can place just two implants that will support all three teeth.

Front Teeth Dentures

If you have problems with unstable dentures, dental implants can be used to stabilise or replace 4 front teeth dentures. Dental implants can bring back functionality and act as an alternative to oral adhesives.

Full Denture Replacement

Dental implants can be used to support full dentures for patients missing all or a majority of their teeth. This provides much better stability than wearing dentures on their own without the support of implants. 

Are you interested in a permanent solution?

Many patients ask ‘how long do dental implants last’ expecting to hear a number of years and details of a replacement or maintenance procedure – but alas, implants are designed to be permanent! 

Dental implant surgery takes a series of appointments as it involves placing the implant into the jawbone so that it acts as a tooth root. Once it is in place and fully healed, no further surgery is required. If you are interested in committing to a permanent solution for missing teeth – this may be for you.

Book A Consultation For Dental Implants in Croydon

To learn more, book A Dental Implants Consultation with our friendly dentists in Croydon today at The Fine Tooth Company.