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tooth fillings croydon

Tooth Fillings in Croydon

Our high quality tooth fillings can restore and protect your teeth.

Dental decay can cause severe damage if not treated. At The Fine Tooth Company we offer high quality tooth fillings to protect and restore your damaged teeth.

Dental fillings or ‘Tooth Fillings’ as they are commonly known are designed to restore part of a damaged tooth, usually as a result of tooth decay. Dental fillings are a simple way to fix the cavities in teeth that have been caused by damage from tooth decay.

Our dentists will fill the hole or cavities to prevent the bacteria from getting deeper into your tooth causing further damage. If cavities from tooth decay are left untreated it can cause severe toothache and discomfort as well as lead to dental problems like gingivitis and even a loss of teeth.

At our dental clinics, we offer both metal amalgam fillings and white composite fillings, the white tooth fillings are difficult to notice as they are akin to the colour of teeth. Contact the friendly team at The Fine Tooth Company today to find out more about our tooth fillings and the ideal treatment option for you.